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Hello everybody!! I am Atul Kanaujia. A brief history about myself!! Iwas born in Amritsar, Punjab India and since my  parents were in armed forces my schooling was done at many places. I had been to almost all parts of India. I was in New Delhi for 6 yrs and then we shifted to dream city ofIndia-Bombay !!! Amchi Mumbai!! I stayed there for 7 Yrs. And In those 7YrsI fell in love with mumbai and mumbaikars. Bombay has a very interesting history and culture.  Did you know Bombay was given as a dowry to Charles II by thePortugese to British crown on the marriage of Catherine of Braganza. And itis a collection of seven islands. To know more about the history of bombay go to this site Bombay.

  I  did Bachelor Of Technology from most prestigious university of India - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in Computer Science.   CurentlyI am doing my Master of Science in Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey at New Brunswick.

  I Love travelling and sightseeing a lot. I love listening to music especially hindi movie songs. 

Here are few of my recently shot pics           

Hollywood and Disneyland

New York City

Convocation Pic

San Francisco City

West Virginia Trip

Atlantic City

Pittsburg and CMU 


Last updated on 20th January 2001